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Bicycling & more in Central Massachusetts & beyond
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As always, call the leader if the weather or snow conditions are questionable, or if you have other questions. Ride category explanation.

Sunday, November 12, is the deadline for the December newsletter. If you can lead a bike ride, hike, or other activity in December, submit the details by midnight November 12 to Lynne Tolman,, 508-831-0301. We already have a hike planned for Dec. 10, followed by our holiday party.


Autumn means hunting season, and the presence of hunters in the woods means hikers and mountain bikers need to use extra caution. Most hunting seasons in Massachusetts run between mid-October and mid-December. While hunting accidents are rare (statistics show that hunting is safer than many sports, including cycling), cyclists can enhance their safety by wearing a hunter's orange vest. These are available in the sporting goods departments of most department stores. Avoid white or brown clothing (you don't want to look like a deer). Hunting is not allowed on Sundays in Massachusetts.

In 2006, archery season for deer is Oct. 16-25, and shotgun season for deer is Nov. 27-Dec. 9. A complete list of Massachusetts hunting season dates is at

Recurring Rides

Easy Monday Evening Rides, Wednesday Outdoor Workouts

Mountain biking, year-round
An informal group of Seven Hills members goes mountain biking year-round, usually one day per weekend and sometimes weekday evenings too. Night rides require headlights. Many winter rides are in Rutland State Park. Studded tires (either store-bought or homemade) are recommended for winter. We don't plan far ahead, and we keep people posted by e-mail. To get in the loop, contact Leslie Choquette at or Bill Dobson at .

Winter Spinning Class
Want to maintain your current level of fitness over the winter? Climb stronger? Develop a relentless cadence? We are trying to set up a Spinning class exclusively for Seven Hills Wheelmen members at Gold's Gym, 40 Millbrook St., Worcester. We need at least 10 people to make this happen. Cost will be approximately $50 for 10 once-a-week classes, January through March, time and day to be determined. Contact 7HW member Mike Foley at or 508-792-0329 if you are interested.

Sunday, November 5
Activity: Fixed-gear road ride, C+, 24 miles
Location: Paxton Center School, Route 31, Paxton
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Leader: Mike Foley, , 508-792-0329

Fixed-gear fever! We'll go down Route 122 to the Coldbrook rest stop and back. This is relatively flat -- not as flat as a piece of plywood in Kansas, but as flat as it gets in Central Mass., perfect for a high-cadence fixed-gear spin. Sorry, no derailleurs, no shifting, no coasting, and no freewheels; fixed-gear only. On this ride, if the bike moves, your legs need to be going around, whether you want them to or not. E-mail the leader to be contacted regarding any change in plans because of weather.

Saturday, November 11
Activity: Road ride, C, 24 miles
Location: Dudley District Court, Route 197 & Lyons Road, Dudley
Time: 10:00
Leader: David Liberty, , 508-943-2725

A scenic ride into Connecticut's "Quiet Corner." The scenery includes West Thompson Dam and the quaint center of Woodstock. No go if it's raining. This was one of our most popular rides in the spring.

Sunday, November 12
Activity: Hike, approximately 2 hours
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Brooks Woodland Preserve (Swift River/Connor's Pond tracts),
Quaker Drive, Petersham
Leaders: Lynne Tolman, 508-831-0301, , and Rick Krasnick,

Meet in the parking lot on Quaker Drive off Route 122 south of Petersham. It's marked "Entrance" by #65 near the bottom of this map: More about this beautiful property of The Trustees of Reservations:

Sunday, November 19
Activity: Mountain bike ride, intermediate
Location: Leominster State Forest
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Leader: Bill Dobson,, 508-885-2004

Meet at the playground parking lot, Route 140 and Leominster Road, East Princeton, to drive or carpool to a starting point to be determined. Register by e-mail with the leader to be kept advised of changes because of weather.

Saturday, November 25
Activity: Ride to the Race, C+, distance to be determined
Location: Paxton Center School, Route 31, Paxton
Time: to be determined
Leader: Mike Foley, , 508-792-0329

We'll take a scenic route to Sterling to watch the Baystate Cyclocross races. Our route includes three miles along the Quinapoxet River on the Mass Central Rail Trail, which is paved with stone dust (doable with road tires). This ride is one-way ride, no return ticket. Once we're there, you can watch the racing as long as you want, ride back with an ad-hoc group, meet your spouse for a ride back in the family van, call a cab, or get up your nerve and enter the race. E-mail the leader to be contacted regarding any change in plans because of weather. For more information about the cyclocross race, visit or contact Tom Stevens,

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