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 Commons Tour

Total Instruction
0.0 Left out of Naquag School Parking lot (Rte 122A, Rutland)
1.7 Right into Rutland State Park
2.6 Right onto Rte 122 North
3.8 Left on to Rte 148
5.0 Right onto Rutland Road
5.9 Oakham Common
7.2 Cross Old Turnpike Rd (Stop Sign)
9.0 Left on Rte 122
13.7 Barre Common
13.8 Bear Right onto Pleasant St.
21.6 Petersham Common
21.6 Right on West St
21.9 Left on Hardwick Rd
22.1 Bear Right
22.3 Cross Rte 122 on to Rte 32A South
24.8 Bear Right at Fork
32.1 Harwick Common
32.1 Left on to Barre Rd (country Store)
34.9 Left onto Lower Rd. 32N
38.3 Right a fork
  South Barre Common
38.8 Right onto Rte 67 S
  North Brookfield Common
47.2 Left at Brookfiled Orchard Sign
47.5 Bear Right, Follow orchard sign
48.7 Left, Brookfield Orchards - Lincoln
  Cross intersection
  Continue, Ryan Rd
50.5 Continue, Madbrook Rd
51.6 Right at Fork
  Right on North Brookfield Rd
54.2 Left on South Rd
57.9 Left on Rte 31N
61.3 Right on Rte 122 Inside Scoop
  Paxton Common
  Right onto Rte 56 to Rutland
  Left on Rte 122 A at Rutland Common
66.5 Left into Naquag Parking Lot

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Ride contributed by Brenda Hutchinson
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