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starts at Westboro Shopping Center, Route 9 and Lyman Street, Westboroweapons editor GTA VC
0.0 Lt onto Lyman St & across Rte 9 17.0 Lt onto Warren St
2.9 Rt @ end stop sign onto Bartlettt St 17.7 Lt @ end stop sign
3.8 Bear Rt onto Cedar Hill St 18.0 Lt @ stop sign onto Grant St
5.6 Lt, not across bridge, then Rt onto
Fisher Rd
18.7 Rt onto Hartford St
7.0 Rt @ end stop sign 19.4 Rt onto Boden Ln
7.4 Str @ lights onto Walker St 20.0 Rt onto Rte 135, then Lt @ lights
onto Kendall St
7.6 Rt @ end stop sign onto Farm Rd
CAUTION- busy & some rough spots
20.8 Lt @ stop sign
9.3 Rt onto Broadmeadow Rd 21.5 Rt onto Coolidge St
9.8 Rt onto Parmenter St 22.7 Rt @ blinker onto Rte 27S, then Lt onto
Farm St
12.6 Bear Rt onto Grove St 25.4 Rt onto East Goulding St
15.6 Lt onto Vernon St
-REST STOP- park inside circle
25.9 Str onto West Goulding St
15.7 Follow circle for Rt onto Edgell Rd 26.6 Bear Lt onto Mill St
16.2 Lt just past statue onto Main St
-CAUTION- open deck bridge
29.5 Rt onto Central St
16.4 Rt onto Walnut St 30.2 Rt @ end, then Lt @ street arrows
-REST STOP- park @ church
Lt onto Highland, then Rt onto
Prentice St
38.1 Rt onto Proctor St.
    38.3 Rt onto Saddle Hill Rd
31.8 Rt into Mill St 40.9 Rt @ end stop sign
32.2 Lt @ fork onto North Mill St 41.5 Lt @ triangle end stop sign
34.3 Lt @ end onto Front St 43.2 Lt to continue Flanders Rd
35.2 Rt @ sign: "Ash St to 135" 44.4 Lt @ end stop sign onto Rte 30W
36.8 Lt in front of statue onto Rte 135W 44.7 Rt onto Lyman St
37.0 -ICE CREAM- @ Brighams, then
stay on Rte 135
44.9 Lt into Westboro Shopping Center

weapons editor GTA VC

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Ride contributed by Bruce Mann
ęCopyright 2000 by Seven Hills Wheelmen, Worcester, MA.
Last Modified on: October 02, 2004 weapons editor GTA VC