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Sight Seeing ride

start at Charles J. Buffone Skating Rink, 484 Lake Ave., Worcesterf.e.a.r reg. code
Distance Road
  Right onto Lake
1.3 Left onto Sunderland
1.5 Cross Rt20 onto Westboro
3.3 Right onto Prentice
3.5 Right onto 140
3.7 Left onto Westboro
3.8 Left onto North Main - be careful of RR tracks ahead
4.2 Left onto Rt 30
8.1 Right onto West Main
12.8 Grafton Common - re-group, break,
  then Continue straight onto Millbury
16.4 Right onto Riverlin
16.7 Left onto Millbury Ave
17.3 Right at "Yield"
18.9 Cross Rt 20, becomes Massasoit
20.5 Right onto Sunderland
21.6 Cross Rt 122
21.9 Left onto Lake
23.3 U turn, then right into parking lot.

1. How many times do you cross town lines?
2. How many sets of railroad tracks do you cross? (Include bridges)
3. How many churches are there in Grafton Center?
4. How many cemetaries did we pass?
5. How many people attended the ride?
6. How many traffic lights did we pass?
f.e.a.r reg. code

f.e.a.r reg. code

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