The Club

Seven Hills Wheelmen is a nonprofit recreational cycling club whose members organize and promote non-competitive road cycling and mountain biking throughout central Massachusetts. Riders of all abilities are welcome, with most rides categorized by pace and terrain. Other activities include hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. Activities are organized and led by volunteers, so offerings vary depending on who is willing and able to share their time and enthusiasm.

The club was founded in 1971 under the name Worcester County Bicycle Club, with 14 members. The founding members were Francis Ouellette, Joseph Cote, Herbert O’Neil and Clarence Desrosier, all road cyclists with a passion for the camaraderie and fitness that group riding provides. In the club’s first year, the name was changed to Seven Hills Wheelmen. (Wheelmen was the late 19th-century term for bicyclists, and the club has hewn to tradition in keeping the name, while some other organizations have switched to gender-neutral terms such as cyclists or pedalers. Seven Hills Wheelmen is open to all adults, regardless of gender.)   Members stay informed through emails, social media, and this website. 

The club is affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists.

The Hills

What are the seven hills of Worcester?

Short answer from the Worcester Public Library: Hancock, Green, Chandler, Bancroft, Mount St. James (Pakachoag), Newton, and Union.

Long answer: It’s complicated. Jim Dempsey explains here.

Wikipedia answer (not a reliable source, but these are the names that appear on our club logo):  Airport Hill, Bancroft Hill, Belmont Hill (Bell Hill), Grafton Hill, Green Hill, Pakachoag Hill and Vernon Hill.

In any case, the seven hills are not to be confused with Worcester’s seven steepest streets (a list also subject to debate). Here’s a bicyclist’s report after pedaling up those seven streets, including George Street.

About Our Rides

Helmets are required on all rides. Bike rides are on paved roads unless specified as mountain bike rides or gravel rides.

Mountain biking, year-round

An informal group of Seven Hills members goes mountain biking. We don’t plan far ahead, and we keep people posted by e-mail. To get in the loop, contact Bill Dobson at

Last-minute activities

If you want company when you bike, Volunteer to Lead a Ride or e-mail your plan (time, date, starting place, activity) to activities coordinator John Gau at and/or to Lynne at We will do our best to get the word out to club members in time. It’s best to reach us by noontime Thursday for weekend activities.