Cue Sheets

Cue Sheet Table

RideStartCategoryDistance (Miles)Description
Dresser HillAuburnB34
Shortcut Best Of Quabbin HundredBarreB92This is the King's Tour of the Quabbin double metric century, shortened to (almost) a century by starting in Barre instead of Rutland, and then modified further with a very hilly, untested shortcut in Wendell and New Salem, avoiding bumpy roads in Or
Scenic Best of Quabbin CenturyBarreB98This is a shortened version of the King's Tour of the Quabbin double metric century, modified to start in Barre instead of Rutland. If you skip the out-and-back from Gate 43 in Hardwick, it's about 95 miles.
Devens Loop - ShortDevensB32
Devens 40DevensB40
Devens Loop - MediumDevensB45
Devens 55DevensB55
Devens Loop - LongDevensB57
Devens Loop - Long AlternateDevensB59Alternate route because of a bridge that's out in New Ipswich, N.H.
Devens 27DevensC27
Dudley-Woodstock RideDudleyB24
Tour de Metro West Waterways 30FraminghamB30
Tour de Metro West Waterways 40FraminghamB40
Soap Hill Ride - ShortGraftonB13Short version of Soap Hill Ride starts in Grafton; long version in Worcester.
Grafton-Upton RideGraftonB24
Grafton-Sutton LoopGraftonC49The start is at Tufts on the Grafton-Westboro line -technically, it's in Westboro.
Don Maynard Memorial RideGreenfieldB45
Water Crossings ShortHoldenB27Revised in 2011 to avoid River Road in West Boylston; also skips Stillwater River crossings in Sterling
Water Crossings 2012HoldenB34Revised in 2012 to avoid River Road in West Boylston
Trout Brook RideHoldenB36
Water Crossings ExtendedHoldenB37Revised in 2011 to avoid River Road in West Boylston AND to add the Campground Road area
Holden Pool RideHoldenB46
Water CrossingsHoldenC28The original: Beware of very bad pavement on River Road in West Boylston
Holman's Hopkinton Halloween HowlerHopkintonB26
Hopkinton RideHopkintonB43
Parker Sugar House RideLancasterB52
Webster - Wallum WobbleMillburyB45
Singletary-Douglas RideMillburyC29
Book Mill RideMontagueB45
Book Mill Ride - ExtendedMontagueB65Adds a loop that goes to Shelburne Falls.
Paxton 40-MilerPaxtonB40
Paxton - New Braintree RidePaxtonB44
Route 67 TourPaxtonB47
Paxton - Dudley RidePaxtonB49
Paxton Around the Mountain - ModifiedPaxtonB52Modified because of a bridge that was out in 2008 on Princeton Road in Jefferson (Holden). 2009: The bridge has reopened.
Paxton Around the MountainPaxtonB53
Apple Dumpling Ride - ShortPaxtonC30Out and back to Brookfield Orchards. Longer version starts in Worcester. Shortest version starts in Rutland.
Spring Water RidePaxtonC37
Paxton - Westminster RidePaxtonC47
Vanilla Bean Ride 13PomfretC13
Vanilla Bean Ride 38PomfretC38
Princeton - Rutland RidePrincetonB22Shortcut version of Princeton-Paxton Ride
Thomas Prince RidePrincetonB35
Princeton - Paxton RidePrincetonB35
Cathedral of the PinesPrincetonB51
Country Store TourRutlandB43
Rutland 44-MilerRutlandB44
Long Pond - Templeton 44-MilerRutlandB44
Rutland - Petersham BootRutlandB45
Long Pond Mini MajorRutlandB47
Brookfield Ramble IIRutlandB47
Nine Town TourRutlandB47
Long Pond - WarrenRutlandB48
Long Pond LoopRutlandB48
Long Pond - TempletonRutlandB51
Commons TourRutlandB53
Common Ride #2RutlandB55
Hill Junkie RideRutlandB56
Major Taylor Metric - ModifiedRutlandB60Starts at Naquag School rather than Finn Park
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Metric Century (2000)RutlandB62
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Metric Century (2010)RutlandB62In 2010 the Gilbertville Covered Bridge was out.
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Metric Century (2012)RutlandB62
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Metric Century (2015)RutlandB65Goes to Goodnough Dike at Quabbin Reservoir
Commons Ride #3RutlandB66
Greatest Hits - Spring 2011RutlandB91
King's Tour of the Quabbin (2000)RutlandB100
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Century (2012)RutlandB100
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Century (2010)RutlandB100
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Century (2015)RutlandB100with Browning Pond near the end
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Double Metric Century (2010)RutlandB122
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Double Metric Century (2012)RutlandB125
King's Tour of the Quabbin - Double Metric Century (2015)RutlandB125
Heifer RideRutlandC18
Apple Dumpling Ride - Short RutlandRutlandC20
Long Pond - Warren 41-MilerRutlandC41
Long Pond - Barre - Petersham - Hardwick - Oakham 41-MilerRutlandC41
Brookfield - Hardwick RambleRutlandC47
Major Taylor Century (1994-1996) Century to ConcordSterlingA100
Major Taylor Metric Century (1997-1998)SterlingB62
Joint NVP:7HW Metric CenturySterlingB66
Major Taylor Century (1997-1998)SterlingB100Starts at Chocksett Inn ... goes to Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, N.H.
Joint NVP:SHW Half Metric CenturySterlingC33
Purgatory UpUxbridgeB29
Sterling Loop(AKA Farmland Maze)West BoylstonB19
Sterling Airport LoopWest BoylstonB22Similar to Sterling Loop; adds a climb on Route 62.
Lancaster Angel LoopWest BoylstonB23from our Wednesday night repertoire
Ball Hill RideWest BoylstonB28
Bolton Orchards RideWest BoylstonB36
Sterling & HobbsWest BoylstonB38
Fruitlands RambleWest BoylstonB38
Around Wachusett ReservoirWest BoylstonC19
Old Stone Church 20-MilerWest BoylstonC20
King Phillip Rock & Road RideWestboroB30
Back Roads of Westboro and GraftonWestboroB30
Westboro, Berlin and MoreWestboroB40
Eastern OutbackWestboroB45
Blackstone & PurgatoryWestboroB50
Patriot's Day - Marathon Viewing Ride 2009WestboroC28
Wachusett Brewery RideWestminsterB60
2004 Major Taylor QuarterWhitinsvilleB25
2004 Major Taylor MetricWhitinsvilleB64
2004 Major Taylor CenturyWhitinsvilleB100
Soap Hill RideWorcesterB26
Lynne's Purgatory LoopWorcesterB30
Major Taylor Dedication RideWorcesterB31Starts and ends at the Major Taylor monument at the Worcester Public Library.
Whitehall Reservation RideWorcesterB34Extends the Soap Hill ride 7 miles by adding a loop around Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton
Seven Hills of WorcesterWorcesterB38Starting at Worcester State College
Skating to PurgatoryWorcesterB39
Justice is ServedWorcesterB44
Nashoba Valley WineryWorcesterB45
Assabet Valley TourWorcesterB53
Claro's Backcountry RambleWorcesterB54
Animal Metric CenturyWorcesterB65
Animal Metric Century (Minus Mountain)WorcesterB65
Barney's RideWorcesterC14A typical route for the Monday night rides from Barney's Bicycle
Sightseeing rideWorcesterC23
West Upton RideWorcesterC32
Skating to WhitehallWorcesterC35Extends the West Upton ride 3 miles by adding a loop around Whitehall Reservoir in Hopkinton
Apple Dumpling RideWorcesterC41Out & back to Brookfield Orchards. Optional 30-mile round trip starts in Paxton; 20-miler in Rutland.
Wachusett ReservoirWorcesterD35
King’s Tour of the Quabbin all cue sheets – 2022RutlandB65, 100, 125Three challenging routes to/around the Quabbin Reservoir