Ride Categories

Helmets are required on all Seven Hills Wheelmen club rides.

Road Biking

Category A: 20-22 mph on rolling terrain; 18-20 mph on hilly terrain

Category B: 17-19 mph on rolling terrain;  15-17 mph on hilly terrain

Category C: 14-16 mph on rolling terrain; 12-14 mph on hilly terrain

Category D: 11-13 mph on rolling terrain; 10-11 mph on hilly terrain

Ride categories have been simplified to indicate pace only. Ride leaders are encouraged to lay out additional expectations in their ride descriptions, such as whether there will be rest stops, whether there is anywhere to get water and/or food, whether there is a downloadable GPS map, whether there will be cue sheets, whether the leader will wait for stragglers, what kind of weather may cancel the ride, whether no one gets dropped, whether there are particular challenges such as wicked steep hills, whether a rider will sweep, and so forth.

Mountain Biking

Beginner/Novice: 80% dirt roads

Intermediate: 50% singletrack with technical

Intermediate/Advanced: 80% singletrack, technical


Singletrack: Narrow foot trail or hiking trail

Technical: A combination of obstacles on or across road or singletrack as well as on climbs and descents, including loose stones or gravel, medium to large rocks, loose dirt or soil, mud, tree branches, tree roots, fallen trees, and logs.